HDL Hospitality Solutions

From check in to check out, a hotel guest must only ever experience the very highest levels of comfort, service, and convenience. To make this a reality, HDL has developed a range of automation solutions designed specifically for hotels. With an automated hotel, the working efficiency can also be improved so that resources can be redistributed towards a hotel’s primary focus, guest satisfaction.

Guest rooms

RF cardholders -including concierges, guests, and cleaners- can be identified with different permissions when the card is inserted. Then the devices and appliances are automatically turned on and enter stand-by mode when the card is pulled away.

Welcome Mode

As a guest walks in the room, power will be supplied and “Welcome” mode activated with a voice message and best temperature. If the system recognizes the daytime, the curtains will be pulled back, and if it is nighttime, the curtains closed and the lights on.

Comfortable temperature

With HDL Intelligent Hotel Management System, the receptionist can select the “Check-in”Mode for guests. The system will automatically turn on the air conditioner and keep a comfortable temperature before the guest gets into the room. And the AC will enter into “Stand-by” Mode after the guest leaves the room to save energy.


HDL media player can be connected to various electronic products, allowing guests to enjoy a joyful entertainment moment. 

Smart Panels

The hotel can preset various Scenes on the panels, such as some common scenes like DND, MUR, Away, Welcome. With intelligent management software, the staff can quickly receive the request of the guests, therefore, improve the working efficiency.


The reception is often the first part of a hotel seen by a guest, because of this creating a welcoming atmosphere is crucial. Through carefully controlling lighting and HVAC, HDL is able to ensure that your hotel always makes a lasting first impression.

Meeting room

The Meeting rooms have a strict demand for quick and easy control of multiple devices. HDL smart hotel system allows you to preset various types of “Scenes” like meeting mode, projection mode, break mode on HDL wall panels, or PC. Therefore, it won’t only improves the working efficiency but also strengthens your experience.

Hallways & stairwells

Hallwastairwells are essential to any hotel, and although only briefly occupied, can contribute significantly to a building's overall energy expenditure. With HDL’s extensive range of on demand lighting solutions, lighting fixtures can be turned off or dimmed when a hallway is unoccupied, and return to their normal operational state when approached by a guest or a member of staff.


Whether it’s a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, or a sauna, HDL can create a solution to automate everything from water temperature to air conditioning. Regardless of a hotel’s size or resources, HDL can design a custom management system that increases both guest comfort and energy efficiency.

Recreational center

The guests can relax and get an enjoyable experience in the recreational center. With HDL smart hotel solutions, the recreational center can realize the wonderful lighting effect that impresses the guest by applying the DMX modules.

Outdoor lighting

The lighting effect to great extent affects the guest experience. The system can automatically turn on the lights for maximum efficiency. For example, on the hour, all the lights and fountains will be on at night for the guests.