●About us


HDL Automation is an international technology company headquartered in Guangzhou, operating in smart homes, smart buildings and smart hotels. We provide the market with a comprehensive intelligent control system and integrated whole home / building automation solutions. HDL has established a sales and service network composed of distributors, dealers and engineers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Our automation products have been applied to tens of thousands of projects, such as the Dubai international airport, the Australian Institute of Architect building 41X, the Beijing contemporary MOMA apartment, the Macau Morpheus hotel and so on.


● Our intelligent control system


HDL intelligent control system is a distributed system that uses its communication protocol, and can be connected to conventional electrical equipment. Our intelligent control system allows you to control and manage the equipment in the building through the wall panels, smartphones, tablets or computers. At the same time, the sensor and logic functions can be combined to make the intelligent control system automatically run related tasks.

The intelligent control system of HDL is divided into a wired system and wireless system. A wired system is called “Buspro”, while the wireless system is “Buspro Wireless”. At the same time, HDL is a manufacturer member of the KNX International Organization and a council member of the KNX China Organization. We provide intelligent control system products that support the KNX protocol.


● Buspro: A powerful, flexible expansion of the intelligent control system

Buspro is an intelligent control system independently developed by HDL, which can be connected to common devices. Allowing you to control the devices through wall panels, mobile phones, tablet computers and other terminals, our Buspro system can also be integrated with other intelligent control systems through protocol docking. The system functions of Buspro cover lighting, shading, air conditioning, floor heating, home entertainment, safety and security, etc. Suitable for residential, office buildings, urban complex, large venues, hotels, and other commercial buildings. You can determine the functions and scale of the system according to your own needs.

●  Buspro Wireless:A simple wireless smart automation system

Buspro Wireless is also independent research and development of a comprehensive wireless intelligent control system. Like the cable system of HDL, Buspro Wireless system can be connected with conventional electrical equipment. Allowing you to control the equipment in the building through wall panels, mobile phones, and tablet computers, our Buspro Wireless system can be widely used in different buildings such as residential, hotels, office buildings. However, there is no need to rewire during installation, just replace the original traditional switch with the smart switch of HDL. The Buspro Wireless smart automation system can be used for both new buildings and existing buildings.


Buspro Wireless can receive and transmit signals in the network. Therefore, each device has multiple communication paths, and the optimal path can be selected for communication. You do not need to worry about signal problems affecting normal use.


●  KNX:International standards for smart buildings

KNX is an international standard for residential and building control. Intelligent control system products based on KNX standard are also widely used. As a council member of KNX, HDL provides high-quality KNX automation products to the global market, mainly used in office buildings, large venues, urban complexes and residential buildings.

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● The reason for choosing HDL


Strong and complete product line

HDL has a comprehensive intelligent product line, including a variety of functional system modules, sensors, terminal control devices, gateways, system management software and user interface software. Combined with the powerful functions of the intelligent control system, we provide integrated intelligent solutions for residential, commercial buildings and hotels according to your needs.


True integration and compatibility

HDL intelligent control system can not only be integrated with non-intelligent lighting, shading, air conditioning and other devices, but also with third-party systems, software platforms, intelligent single product integration. You will enjoy a real, complete experience, such as KNX, HomeKit, Alexa, smart door locks and so on.


Independent R & D and production

Our own team completes HDL products from research and development to production. To ensure the product delivery as scheduled, HDL fully controls each link in the product life cycle. At the same time, we can effectively deal with possible after-sales problems.

Stable and reliable quality

HDL has many years of technical accumulation. There is a strict quality management procedure, all products must pass the full technical verification and strict quality inspection before they can be put into production. At the same time, we pay attention to various problems encountered in the practical application of the product and continuously improve the product in the life cycle. Stable and reliable products, you can rest assured!


A trusted brand

HDL has been established for more than 30 years, entering the intelligent system for more than 10 years. Accumulated tens of thousands of project cases, we win lots of industry awards, and its reputation is well-known.


Better response to customer needs

In addition to having a professional R&D team for product R&D, HDL’s great customer service and technical support team can quickly respond to customer demands and provide professional services in the shortest time to help customers solve problems promptly.